Memory Care

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Memory Care Redefined!


For those living with cognitive impairment and memory loss, life feels unpredictable and out-of-control. Your loved one’s needs are unique and individual. We understand, we care, and we can offer hope and peace of mind in what can be a confusing time.

The Rivers memory care team caters to those with cognitive impairment and related diseases. We’ve thoughtfully and purposefully planned everything from your loved one’s living arrangements and daily activities, to the personalized care that nurtures independence, promotes success, and celebrates life. It’s intentional. The Rivers Grosse Pointe is redefining memory care!





Life at The Rivers

The Rivers Memory Care is similar to a small town with friendly “neighborhoods.” Each “neighborhood” is color-coded and has its own theme. This helps your loved one identify his or her “neighborhood.” A personalized shadow box outside the suite helps your loved one locate his or her suite. The shadow box is filled with personal photographs and mementos – “treasures” that celebrate life. It’s bright, cheerful, and – by design – fosters independence.

Everyday life in the “neighborhood” is full and engaging! From morning to night, your loved one’s days are purposefully structured. Routine tasks, such as folding and sorting, add familiarity, a sense of purpose, and an element of success to your loved one’s days. Tasks and activities also nurture confidence and help your loved one maintain present skills. Take a minute to view the current calendar.

The emphasis is on your loved one’s current abilities – what he or she CAN do, not the disease. Everything we do is designed to help your loved one lead a rich, fulfilling life. That said, what we don’t do is important too. The Rivers Memory Care is a:

  • No “Parking” Zone – Rather than “parking” your loved one in front of a television all day, we’ll make a determined effort to engage your loved one in a variety of fulfilling programs and activities.
  • No “Camping” Zone – Rather than “camping” in his or her room, we’ll make every effort to engage your loved one in a variety of stimulating activities designed to support his or her independence.

We’ll also make sure your loved one eats regular meals and snacks that are both nutritious and taste-tempting. You’ll appreciate the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your loved one is eating regularly.

You’ll find The Rivers’ care team members persistent and – in a good way – don’t take “no” for an answer! Team members are creative about providing alternatives, and each care team member completes specialized training in a 3-step process designed to gain cooperation, avert confrontation, and reduce confusion. It’s a positive, physical approach to engagement that’s gentle and respects your loved one’s right to make choices. It’s also highly personalized to your loved one’s responses and needs.

State Licensing

When you’re looking at memory care and assisted living communities, licensing is important. The Rivers Grosse Pointe is licensed by the State of Michigan. Before you make a commitment with ANY care community, make sure you confirm licensing status.

What’s Next…

Choose The Rivers Grosse Pointe when your loved one’s needs extend beyond what you’re able to provide. We don’t always get it right and we aren’t always perfect, but we listen and we care. The Rivers Grosse Pointe is a good place and, at the end of the day, you’ll sleep better knowing your loved one is safe and secure, cherished in a way that honors your loved one, and cared for in a way that supports your family. To learn more about memory care at The Rivers Grosse Pointe, call or click “Schedule a Visit.

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Alzheimer and Dementia Support Group

Join us to learn more on dementia care and stages of dementia with partnership by the Alzheimer’s Association with support groups and topics sponsored by Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care

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